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Posted on 02/12/2017 in Residential

How To Clean Windows Like a Professional

How To Clean Windows Like a Professional


In the video below, ClickCleaning.co.uk covers the basics of window cleaning.  For those that are new to professional cleaning, one might say, “window cleaning huh, not exactly rocket science”; well if that’s what you’re thinking you’d probably benefit from watching this.  However, if you’re really short on time, we’re going to hit you with the highlights. 

If you’ve been going with a spray bottle and rags, you’ve been doing it wrong.  Not only is it more labor intensive and time consuming, sections of the window are going to look foggy in direct sunlight.  The video covers the science behind why that happens. 

And just like anything else, if you have the right tools for the job, life is going to be much easier and your final product is going to reflect the mark of professional work.  

1)     Using a high rated squeegee that comes with a sharp soft-rubber edge will ensure a uniform reflection.

2)     Use a window scraper to remove foreign objects from the glass, but only use it when the glass is wet.    

The narrator recommends Ettore cleaning products, and based on a little online market research, it seems that their products are rated highly in consumer reviews.

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