The Cleaning Connections Story

How it all started.

In his final year of grad school, Lev Stowe (Owner and Founder of & was assigned the task of creating a profit producing company from scratch. After evaluating several industries, it was clear to him that the current business model for the cleaning industry needed a complete overhaul.

Lev interviewed dozens of independent cleaners, as well as those that were employed by cleaning companies, and what he learned encouraged him to move things forward.

  1. Independent Cleaners get to keep everything they make, but more often than not, they don’t market themselves effectively enough to maintain a steady stream of work.
  2. The Cleaners that are employed by cleaning companies only receive a small fraction of what was earned on the job. This motivates the cleaners to hurry through a task to make it to the next one. The cleaners work 3x as hard, they get 3x less money, and they’re only motivated by the fact that they have a place to show up for work every day.

Lev then interviewed dozens of customers to develop an understanding of their needs and expectations in cleaning services.

  1. Customers have been conditioned to overpay for cleaning services because nearly every cleaning company has been charging the same high rates to make up for their “brick & mortar” overhead expenses.
  2. Customers were never really satisfied with the work because the cleaners were in and out of the house so fast. And when they were required to stay for a specific amount of time, the cleaners would work slow, and still wouldn’t perform a thorough cleaning.
  3. Customers didn’t like the fact that they didn’t know who was coming to enter their home until the cleaner showed up.
  4. The hiring process was long and drawn out; lots of questions to fill-in online, and too much personal information was required to be placed over the internet. The customers were often spammed with marketing advertisements, and their phones wouldn’t stop ringing, all because their information was sold by the website they went through. does not sell customer information.

By eliminating overhead expenses and connecting customers to cleaners directly, Lev realized he’d save customers a minimum of 50% on cleaning services, and he’d be able to keep 100% of the cleaner’s earnings in their pockets. Cleaners would be motivated to work hard so they could develop and maintain a strong clientele base, and customers would have the confidence in knowing that they’d finally be getting quality work at an incredibly low rate.

In 2014, the business plan showed profitable numbers, Lev’s team all got an “A”, and Lev successfully completed grad school with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. In 2016, Lev spent several months improving his original business plan with current information, and decided to turn what originally started as a class project into something real.

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