Why Cleaning Connections? is the easiest and most affordable way to hire cleaning services. Simply add your location to the search-bar, and after a single click you’ll see a long list of members that service your area. Contacting the cleaners doesn’t cost a thing, and you’ll have a quote from that specific cleaner in no-time. cuts traditional cleaning costs in half. You’ll always know exactly what your cleaner looks like, and they’re motivated by your continued business. They’re not going to waste time in your home to meet a specific time block. You’re going to get the quality you paid for because your rating enhances their credibility for future business. is a better system. It encourages a higher quality of work at a fraction of the cost, and the cost is what you and the cleaner agree on! You set the price, you’re in control of the calls you get from quotes, and you pick who comes to your home. puts the power back into the customer’s hands.

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